About Us

Serim Test Strips…“Setting the Standard”

Serim Research Corporation develops, manufactures, and markets test strips based on Serim's dry reagent technology. Technology created and developed at our facility includes colorimetric chemistries, reagent/membrane impregnation, and test strip fabrication.  In business since 1988, our fully integrated Research & Development/Manufacturing Center is located in Elkhart, Indiana in a state-of-the art, 32,630-square-foot, FDA-registered facility certified to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 (specific for medical devices).

Our Mission

Our mission at Serim Research Corporation is to create and manufacture high-quality, simple and innovative test systems that produce timely, on-site, analytical results. It is our objective to become the premier supplier of rapid, innovative tests for our customers and to make our development and manufacturing capabilities available to medical and industrial customers worldwide.

Our Products

All Serim Test Strips are based on Dry Reagent Technology whereby the reagents necessary for analysis are combined in indicator pads.  Serim Test Strips replace complex and cumbersome, multi-step wet chemistry colorimetric assays. Serim Test Strips provide the advantages of being able to analyze samples at the source (point-of-use) using a simple procedure that can be performed with little or no special equipment and avoids the inconvenience of storing, handling, and mixing liquid reagents.

Currently, Serim Test Strips are used for:

Serim Test Strips and other products are sold under our own label and the private labels of the many market leaders we serve.

Your Needs

Can Serim's dry-reagent technology and innovative approach to analyte testing help meet your needs?  Whether it is a modification of an existing test, a private-label version of a current Serim product or a completely new application, if you need a fast, simple, high-quality test to improve quality assessments in your business, Serim's innovative and helpful staff is ready to discuss your requirements. 

Serim test strips... Setting the Standard