Manual Enzymatic Cleaning


The Serim PINNACLE™ Monitor for Manual Enzymatic Cleaning Process (MEC) determines the presence of active enzymes in manual bath solutions using enzymatic detergents.

Many surgical instruments require hand washing instead of automated washer-disinfectors or ultrasonic cleaning units.  The PINNACLE MEC strip is the only test available to validate your manual cleaning solutions ensuring they contain active enzymes and are properly mixed.

Enzymatic detergents are also used as the first step in endoscope reprocessing used for manual washing, flushing, and brushing prior to High Level Disinfection (HLD).  Meticulous manual cleaning is imperative to achieve subsequent HLD1. 

With the current concern for proper endoscope cleaning, monitoring proper dilution and activity of your enzymatic detergents is as critical as monitoring your High Level Disinfectants.

Enzymatic detergents have optimal concentration and temperature ranges and the overall cleaning efficacy depends upon enzyme concentration, water temperature, contact time and water quality (e.g. hardness, pH).  If the enzymatic detergents are stored or used under conditions outside of the recommended ranges, their effectiveness will be reduced.  Enzymes also degrade gradually and are consumed during use and must be replenished or replaced.2

MEC test strips are supplied in a ready-to-use form. When placed in contact with the manual bath solution according to directions, the indicator pad changes color relative to the presence active enzymes. 

For more information refer to the PINNACLE Monitor for MEC product profile and list of validated enzymatic detergents.  Click here for a list of detergents that have been validated. 

1.  Petersen BT, Chennat J, Cohen J, et al. Multisociety guideline on reprocessing flexible gastrointestinal, 2011. Gastrointest Endosc 2011

2.  AAMI TIR30:2011 Technical Information Report, A compendium of processes, materials, test methods, and acceptance criteria for cleaning reusable medical devices.   Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation, Arlington, VA.

Test Range:


A qualitative estimate of the presence of active enzymes in manual bath solutions using enzymatic detergents can be made by comparing the reacted indicator pad color to the color chart on the bottle label. 

Test Time:

Qualitative - 90 seconds  

Click here for a list of detergents that have been validated. 

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