MONITOR™ Food Safety & Sanitizer Test Strips

Ensuring food safety is of prime concern for all those in the “Farm to Fork” food chain; producers, processors, transporters, retailers, food preparation and food service establishments.  The proper use of sanitizers plays a key role in this concern. 

As manufacturers of high quality and reliable test strips, Serim’s products provide the means to measure the sanitizer concentration and water quality and residuals after cleaning, all of which are factors in the efficacy, safety and cost-effectiveness of a facility’s sanitization program. 

Serim’s MONITOR Food Safety & Sanitizer Test Strips provides an array of quick, easy, and accurate tests for chlorine or QAC sanitizers as well as tests for residual glucose (dextrose), water pH and hardness.

Why Serim MONITOR™ Test Strips?  

Serim MONITOR Test Strips:

  • provide quick, semi-quantitative results in 15-90 seconds
  • are ready to use; no mixing of reagents, calculations or “drop counting” required
  • detect free chlorine at low (0-10 ppm), medium (0-300 ppm) and high (100-750 ppm) concentrations
  • have been tested in 1st through 4th generation quaternary ammonium sanitizers
  • are assigned lot numbers (for traceability) and expiration dating (to ensure age & integrity of the product)
  • now includes a NEW Residual Glucose Test Strip to determine the effectiveness of washing/rinsing tank trucks transporting sweeteners
  • Click here for the Food Safety and Sanitation Tests Product Specification Sheet
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