Why Choose Serim’s PINNACLE Tests for Verification of Your Medical Instrument Cleaning

The improper cleaning of medical instruments has proven to be a major factor in outbreaks of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI’s) and surgical site infections (SSI’s) over the past number of years. Four critical factors determine effectiveness of automated units used to clean medical instruments: Enzymatic detergent concentration/activity, wash cycle time, wash cycle temperature, and mechanical action. An issue with any of these factors likely produces inadequate cleaning conditions. All products used for washer disinfector validation and ultrasonic cleaner tests should respond to all 4 of these critical factors to adequately verify the entire cleaning process.

Why is testing important?

Regular medical device cleaning validation is an integral component of quality assurance programs for hospitals and surgery centers. Periodic testing verifies that the equipment is functioning properly, identifies any potential deficiencies, and decreases the risk of surgical site infection.

The Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI ST79:2010) currently recommends testing mechanical cleaning equipment at least weekly, preferably daily and after any major repairs. AAMI also states that the enzymatic detergent is the most important factor in the instrument cleaning process.

The Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN) also recommends testing mechanical cleaning equipment:

  • Before its first use
  • Weekly during service
  • After any major maintenance.

Why use the PINNACLE AEC Test:

The PINNACLE™ Monitor for Automated Enzymatic Cleaning Process (AEC) monitors the cleaning efficacy of automated instrument cleaning units when using enzymatic detergents. This is the only product on the market specifically designed to respond to enzymatic detergent activity, it can be used for washer disinfector validation and as an ultrasonic cleaner test. This enzymatic cleaning test offers the following benefits:

  • Used for washer-disinfector validation AND as an ultrasonic cleaner test
  • Responds to all 4 cleaning parameters including enzymatic detergent activity
  • easy to interpret pass/fail results
  • Can be saved as a record of your medical device cleaning validation program.
  • Cost-effective

See recent publication by Dr. Michele Alfa comparing results of washer disinfector validation products tested under a variety of conditions.

Why use The PINNACLE MEC Test:

The new Serim PINNACLE™ Manual Enzymatic Cleaning Process (MEC) provides the same level of cleaning verification for your manual cleaning solutions. This is the only product on the market that determines the presence of active enzymes in manual baths that use enzymatic detergent.

The MEC test:

  • is the only test available for this purpose
  • offers quick results (90 seconds)
  • Ensures proper dilution and temperature of manual cleaning solutions
  • Provides a visual indication that the enzymatic detergent needs changed
  • May be used as a diagnostic tool for expired or degraded enzymatic detergent

Water Quality Matters

Water quality is also an important consideration in all stages of medical device reprocessing. Poor quality water can affect the sterility and functionality of surgical instruments as well as the performance and efficiency of mechanical washer-disinfectors. AAMI’s Technical Information Report, TIR34:2007 Water for the Reprocessing of Medical Devices states that, “Where applicable, monitoring procedures should be established to ensure the treated water is of adequate quality for medical device reprocessing.” The report recommends that healthcare facilities monitor their water’s pH, hardness, and other factors.

For over two decades we have been developing and manufacturing test strips that accurately measure water quality and disinfectants levels. Our strips are used in thousands of medical facilities worldwide.

Our line of Water Quality products includes tests for:

  • Low-range water hardness
  • High-range water hardness
  • pH (from 0-14)

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