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This test consists of questions about the proper use and interpretation of Serim's PyloriTek Test Kit. Prior to taking this test, review the PyloriTek product insert, paying particular attention to the Test Procedure, Interpretation of Results and Quality Control sections.

PyloriTek Competence Test

For the following questions:

Carefully study each of the reacted PyloriTek strips depicted.
Based on the "Current Time" given above the strip, the information written on the strip and the appearance of the Reaction Pad,
interpret the result of each strip and select the best answer.
Be sure to consider all factors when interpreting the results, including:

  • Proper procedure,
  • Time the test was started,
  • Time the test results are being read ("Current Time printed above the strip "),
  • Specimen placement,
  • Appearance of controls,
  • Color development.


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PyloriTek Competence Test

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