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The Test Strip Specialists

Serim Research Corporation has been a manufacturer of test strips since 1988. We manufacture diagnostic test strips for numerous industries and applications including dialysis centers, hospitals, surgery centers, Laundry, Food production and Services and a diagnostic test for identification of H. pylori.

Food Safety & Sanitation

Our MONITOR™ brand of test strips are used for many applications in the food production industry including measuring sanitizing solutions and water quality.

High-Level Disinfectants

Our FDA cleared DISINTEK™ product line is used to measure high level disinfectant solutions to ensure proper disinfection of medical scopes and similar devices.


Serim’s FDA cleared GUARDIAN™ test strips are used in dialysis centers worldwide to measure levels of disinfectants and water quality

H. pylori

Serim’s FDA-cleared PyloriTek® rapid urease test detects urease activity in gastric biopsy specimens for the presumptive identification of a Helicobacter pylori infection.
Results are available within one hour.

Central Service

Serim’s PINNACLE™ test strips monitor the entire cleaning efficacy of medical washers and ultrasonic cleaners when using enzymatic detergent.

Laundry & Disinfection

Serim’s Hydrogen Peroxide test strip have multiple uses including laundry and disinfection.