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Serim Research Corporation has been a manufacturer of test strips since 1988. We manufacture diagnostic test strips for numerous industries and applications including dialysis centers, hospitals, surgery centers, Laundry, Food production and Services and a diagnostic test for identification of H. pylori.

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Recent News

Supply Chain Issues

FDA Guidance on Reprocessing of Reusable Medical Devices

The reprocessing of reusable medical devices is vital to protecting patient safety. Earlier this year, the FDA recently updated their guidance for Reusable Medical Devices

2023 Pricing available

HiSense Ultra Bottle label updated

Serim has improved the color blocks on our HiSense Ultra test strip

Water Quality is Key to Surgical Instrument Reprocessing Outcomes

Water quality is often overlooked when it comes to Medical instrument Reprocessing

New Serim pH test strip

Serim has recently developed a new pH test strip and this product is now available. Information about this product can be found on the product webpage.

PINNACLE Manual Test; Validated Detergent list

The January 26, 2018 Becker’s Clinical Leadership & Infection Control newsletter listed our PINNACLE Monitor for Automated Cleaning.