Serim recently changed the packaging of our BiCarb pH II test strip which is used to test the pH of a bicarbonate concentrate and or final dialysate solution (bicarbonate, acid and water) in a closed system.  This product is now being sold only as a single bottle of 100 tests, it was previously sold as a kit containing 5 bottles of tests plus a control solution.  The control solution is not required for use of this test, it is an optional accessory used for QC testing if needed.  The control solution can be purchased separately (ask for Serim product code 5116C) if needed.

Serim has also updated the product insert after conducting testing on some of the newer types of bicarbonate concentrates.  For many years, acetic acid based concentrates were the standard type of bicarbonate solutions. In recent years, citric acid and lactic acid type bicarbonate solutions have been introduced.  Evaluation of Serim’s Bicarb pH II test strips with these new solutions have shown that this test can be used with these newer types of bicarbonate solutions.