Laundry and Disinfection

Hydrogen Peroxide (0-400) for Laundry and Disinfection

Infection control efforts in commercial laundry facilities require using various chemicals to properly disinfect soiled laundry. Some countries require specific wash cycle time, temperature, and concentration of certain disinfectants such as hydrogen peroxide. Our Hydrogen Peroxide test strips was developed to test concentrations of this disinfectant through the range specifically required for some hospital laundries. This test may be used in other commercial laundries and similar applications that require testing hydrogen peroxide concentrations. Water quality is very important in commercial laundry and can affect the cleaning process.

Serim manufactures top quality products in an FDA registered facility certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485. As part of Serim's ongoing effort of integrity and service, we provide our customers with quick, easy and accurate tests for the safety of their patients.

Main Areas of Testing:

Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Hydrogen Peroxide 0-400
Water Quality
  • Water Hardness - 0-425
  • pH 5-12
Chlorine Sanitizer
  • 100-750 ppm Chlorine

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