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PINNACLE Cleaning Verification Tests for Medical Instrument Reprocessing

Regular testing of the mechanical cleaning equipment used to reprocess medical instruments is an essential component of quality assurance programs for hospitals and surgery centers. Daily testing is recommended to confirm that the equipment is functioning properly, identify potential deficiencies, and decrease the risk of surgical site infections. See AAMI ST79:2017 for testing guidelines.

Serim manufactures two cleaning verification tests used with enzymatic detergents for cleaning medical instruments. Since enzymatic detergents vary by brand and manufacturer, using a verification test that responds to enzymatic activity is critical.

  • PINNACLE™ Monitor for Automated Enzymatic Cleaning Process (AEC) responds to all critical factors of the cleaning process. This test can be used in washer disinfectors, ultrasonic cleaners and cart washers when using instrument cycle.

  • PINNACLE™ Monitor for Manual Enzymatic Cleaning Process (MEC) confirms the presence of active enzymes in manual cleaning solutions.

Water quality is also an important consideration for medical device reprocessing. Poor quality water can affect the performance and efficiency of mechanical washer-disinfectors and cleaning of surgical instruments. AANSI/AAMI, ST108:2023 Water for the Reprocessing of Medical Devices recommends that healthcare facilities monitor their water’s pH, hardness, and other water quality factors.

Main Areas of Testing:

Water Quality
  • Water Hardness - 0-120
  • Water Hardness - 0-425
  • pH 5-12
Monitors for Cleaning
  • Automated - AEC
  • Manual - MEC

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