High-Level Disinfectant

DISINTEK™ High-Level Disinfectant Test Strips

Starting in the early 1990’s, Serim played an important role in the development and manufacturing of test strips for measuring the concentration of high-level disinfectant solutions. Serim’s DISINTEK™ Test strips are used extensively in freestanding & hospital-based surgical units to determine the High-Level Disinfectant (HLD) is above the Minimum Effective Concentration (MEC), ensuring effective disinfection of medical scopes and enabling optimal solution reuse.

As an independent manufacturer of high-level disinfectant test strips, Serim’s DISINTEK™ products offer ease of use, quick results and exceptional performance.

Advantages of Serim’s DISINTEK test strips

  • Offer quick results (60 – 90 seconds)
  • Have the longest open bottle use-life in the HLD market
  • Are 510k cleared by the FDA
  • Are cost effective and use 70% fewer strips for quality control testing compared to other HLD test strips.

Main Areas of Testing:

High Level Disinfection
  • GTA 1.5%
  • OPA

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