Serim® GUARDIAN™ BLOOD LEAK Test Strips (Product Code 5119C) provide a rapid method to test dialysate for blood if a dialyzer membrane leak is suspected during the hemodialysis procedure.  This test will assist in differentiating an actual blood leak from a false alarm on a dialysis unit.


AAMI recommends the dialysis machine activates the alarm if blood escapes through membrane at a rate of 0.35 ml/minute or more. This leak rate calculates to 5.5 mg/dl of hemoglobin in the dialysate.  Serim blood leak strips provide an added safety margin and are more sensitive than the recommended setting for blood leak detectors. This test will yield a positive result at 1.5 mg/dl hemoglobin.


When is this product used?

Whenever the blood leak detector alarms, use Serim GUARDIAN Blood Leak Test Strips to verify the presence of blood in the dialysate.

How do I use this product?

A dialysate sample can be collected in a clean container or a stream of dialysate can be tested using the directions on the bottle label and in the product insert.   Color development on the indicator pad is compared to the color blocks on the bottle label after 60 seconds. 

The product insert should be thoroughly reviewed prior to use.

All Serim products undergo a rigorous QA process prior to release for sale.  All products have the lot number and expiration date printed on the bottle