Serim is celebrating our 30th year Anniversary this year. Over the next few weeks we will add some data about the number of  test strips we have manufactured for various industries that we serve.  Last year, we manufactured over 47 million test strips and our average annual production of test strips since 2001 is over 24 million test strips.

Many of our first products were used to test disinfectant solutions in dialysis centers and they are currently being used in many countries and markets. Since 2001 we manufactured almost 381 million test strips for the dialysis market.

In 1997, we launched our PyloriTek Test Kit, a presumptive test for H. pylori infection. This test is still a standard worldwide and we have manufactured over 7,000,000 test strips.

In 2008, we received approval for our High-Level Disinfectant test strips.  Since then, we have manufactured over 15 million test strips for Cidex® OPA, Metricide® OPA PLUS™, Cidex® and Metricide® 1.5% GTA solutions.

Since 2001 we have manufactured almost 27 million test strips of our Food Safety products.  These products test a variety of sanitizing solutions and water quality in many areas of food production market including growers, processers, producers and food service establishments.