Serim’s PINNACLE Automated Enzymatic Cleaning Test (AEC) used to confirm the cleaning efficacy of washer-disinfectors and ultrasonic cleaners can now be used for testing cart washers.  Serim recently completed a study proving this test can be used for testing cart washers when using enzymatic detergents.  The product IFU has been updated and includes cart washers.  Currently AAMI ST79 lists cart washers as a type of washer-disinfector and recommends testing when using an instrument cycle (see annex P, P.2.4.1and P2.4.4).  AAMI ST79 also recommends using a cleaning verification test that responds to all major factors affecting the cleaning process.



PINNACLE AEC is designed to respond to all major factors of the cleaning process including enzyme activity, cycle time, cycle temperature and mechical action.  This test requires active enzymes for PASS results and will show FAIL results when detergent solution temperature, cycle time, or mechanical action of the unit reduce or limit enzyme activity. 

PINNACLE AEC can be used to test washer-disinfectors, ultrasonic cleaners and cart washers, this means hospitals and surgery centers need to purchase/inventory only one type of cleaning verification test.  This test can be used with any brand of enzymatic detergent used for cleaning medical instruments and cleaning equipment from all manufacturers.

Serim also manufactures the only test available for testing manual cleaning solutions contain active enzymes and are correctly diluted.