The AAMI ST79 (2017) guidelines describe requirements for daily verification testing of washer-disinfection and ultrasonic cleaners.  These guidelines state that cleaning verification tests should respond to multiple interdependent factors of the cleaning process such as enzyme concentration and activity, cycle time, temperature and mechanical action (cavitation).  This study looked at how different cycle times, temperatures and detergent (or lack of detergent) affect the PASS/FAIL response of the PINNACLE Monitor for Automated Cleaning (AEC).

This study showed there is not a standard set of conditions and the end user will need to test both detergent concentrations and equipment settings (time and temperature) to determine optimal cleaning conditions.  PINNACLE AEC requires both enzyme activity and cavitation to show PASSing results. Cycle time and temperature affect PASS/FAIL results.

Evaluation of Ultrasonic cleaners using PINNACLE Monitor for Enzymatic Cleaning (AEC)