Becker’s Healthcare recently hosted a webinar that discussed a number of important considerations for using ultrasonic cleaners to clean medical instruments.  One important item discussed was verifying the cleaning process including the detergent, water temperature and water quality.  A number of products are available for verifying the cleaning process and our PINNACLE AEC test was designed to specifically respond to all critical aspects of cleaning: enzymatic detergent concentration and activity, wash cycle time, wash cycle temperature and mechanical action.  This provides a more complete verification of the entire cleaning process than the commonly used cavitation test.  Our PINNACLE MEC test can also be used with ultrasonic cleaning units to determine the presence of active enzymes in the detergent solution. This test provides a method to determine when a solution should be changed rather making the subjective determination to change the solution because it looks visibly soiled.

A summary of topics included in this webinar can be found at: